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With so much uncertainty in the world, surely it's impossible to drive our businesses forward?

12 May 2017
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With so much uncertainty in the world, surely it's impossible to drive our businesses forward? 

It just hasn't stopped in the last 12 month's, has it? Unexpected election results which have delivered outcomes we didn't want. Brexit, US presidential election, French elections, and now our very own general election. A gyrating exchange rate, a hostile European commission, an unstable Korean peninsula, continued unrest in the middle east, failing public services at home could lead to increased taxes under either main political party and very likely more taxes on business. We've already swallowed the cost of pension auto enrolment and another increase in the minimum wage and as a last straw, the withdrawal of dividend tax relief when we finally manage to make a profit. Feeling suicidal yet? 

If we listen to the media, this is a pretty tame summary of what the pundits and doom mongers delight to inform us about. With such headwinds to face into, surely we face an impossible task? 

If we look back over the last 40 years, we've faced many such difficult times. The 1970s gave us the oil crisis, the winter of discontent, unstable Government and record rates of inflation. The 1980s delivered the miners strike, recession, the Falklands war as well as terrible new mobile phones and yuppies driving Porches. The 1990s saw the debacle of the exchange rate mechanism and our embarrassing withdrawal, the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. This is not an exhaustive list and I could go on. And yet over this period, businesses have been started, have grown, flourished, acquired other businesses, expanded overseas and new household names have been created. 

In my humble view, more than ever before, much is made of these so called cataclysmic events which will change the world as we know it. And at the time, that can seem how it is. But looking back, did the impact really make so much difference to the fact that people want to buy the goods and services that others produce and whist there are fluctuations in demand and supply, that fact doesn't really change and there is no sign that things will change anytime soon. So let's apply a healthy ladelling of salt to the protestations of the prophets of doom and get on with the business of planning and investing for growth. Let's seize opportunities and navigate banana skins and be single minded about reaching our goals. Inspire and its Partners and Growth Networks are focused on supporting every SME in its growth journey. Find out more at or call the team on 01225 355553.

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