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4 Ways to Make Your Training Engaging, Memorable and Unexpected

30 August 2017

Businesses use different types of training every single day. This can be from internal or external training. Yes, training works but is it as effective as it could be? In this blog I will give you some ideas of how you can make your training a little more exciting.


Video. Look at Hollywood, they can get people in the doors of their cinemas in no time because they market themselves well, how? By using trailers, create one or two videos with teaser trailers to really show why people should be attending your training or course. Video is taking over marketing in the modern world as it is simple and easy as well as very effective. YouTube has already said that video consumption is going u by 100% every year!

Another method is to enhance the scarcity of your course by only making it available for a certain period of time and embed a countdown timer on your registration site to remind your prospects and customers of the limited availability. 

Room Set-up

Anyone attending a training event will expect the room to be clean and well organised to fit the agenda. I recommend small groups. By splitting the tables into small groups you encourage involvement on a close level. Another method is starting the event off with no tables or chairs. This encourages them to find their own tables and chairs, therefore, encouraging them to interact.

Those Critical First Few Minutes

During the first few minutes, your participants are going to decide if your course will indeed be different, or just like every other course they've taken. Requiring them to gather their missing tables and chairs is one way to say how different your course is.

If your course is a Train-the-Trainer, you can use this time to get your participants in front of the class, teaching, as quickly as possible. Don't tell them that you expect them to participate. Simply get them involved in a unique and different way and they will be engaged. 

Use Something That Inspires You

You see something in a TV show, a magazine ad, a movie trailer or a teaching technique that causes you to pause. You've just been inspired. Now take that inspiration and figure out how to apply it to your training. Create a movie trailer for your course, but in a specific genre. Exercise your creativity!

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